ENVS3002 Field Trip 1 - 9th & 16th September, 2016

Environmental Science students benefit from insight into and experience of the Environmental Management industry. This course provide that insight and experience to 3rd years students, in preparation for their graduation.

The course provides an introduction to contemporary issues in the application of science to environmental management with a broad discussion of the technical, social and economic issues. It provides students with an understanding and critique of contemporary issues in, and skills for, the application of biological expertise and principles to major and emerging issues in environmental management.

The course is experientially-based and seeks to develop insights and skills that will be relevant to the wide variety of potential work situations and issues that may emerge over a graduates career.

Field trips:

Environmental Management students must understand the different multiple industries that are collectively included under the catchall of 'environmental management'. This can include: local government, state and federal government agencies, NGOs, heavy industry such as mining, agriculture, and environmental services such as water and waste management.

A key feature of this course is its experiential quality, and that students interact with various professionals who work within the different parts of the industry. We run a number of workshops where these professionals visit the campus to talk to students; in other instances, it is appropriate to take the students to the industry locations and this is what we do with the field trips.

Times,  Dates, and Venues:

In 2016 we are running field trips to 5 locations over Weeks 7-10.

  • Kincumber Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Somersby Water Treatment Plant
  • NSW DPI Fisheries
  • Summerhill Waste Treatment Facility
  • Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group facilities

These visits will provide students with invaluable insights into the environmental management issues involved with water, sewage and waste management; fisheries management;  coal production and transport; and environmental offsets and rehabilitation. The field trips have been a core feature of the course since 2005.

Instructor         Colin McHenry

Bio: https://www.newcastle.edu.au/profile/mirella-atherton

Intended Course Participants:3rd yr Environmental Management Studies; also available to B.Sc students.

Participant’s Required Prior knowledge (if any)? No assumed knowledge.