The Wollotuka Institute

Since 1983, Wollotuka has played an important role in representing and supporting Indigenous Australians studying at university. Through its work, Wollotuka and the University of Newcastle more broadly are regarded as leaders in Indigenous education in Australia.

Wollotuka is committed to the advancement and leadership of Indigenous education at a local, national and global level. It also continues to draw strength from culture, communities and past journeys.

In 2015 Wollotuka received Australia's first World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium (WINHEC) accreditation, recognising its strong outcomes within Australian Indigenous Higher Education. Wollotuka has provided unparalleled leadership and has consistently championed the need for academically enriching and culturally affirming education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples at a local, national and global level. Wollotuka has been able to continue its strong advocacy role by drawing on the strength derived from cultural survival, the communities and people it is connected to and on the commitment and transforming achievements of past struggles and journeys. 

Wollotuka consolidates all Indigenous activities of the University under one strategic and operational body. This whole-of university approach was highlighted as an example of best practice in the 2012 Behrendt Review. The institute also proudly adheres to the Indigenous Education Statement.




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